He saw her, the great white buffalo,

The only woman who had escaped Bill’s

Grasp. When she left, he had become defunct.

Seeing her again was like witnessing a child who

Was unaware of their surroundings, but used

Their childhood to

Their full advantage. A ride

That would end a

Lot faster than the watersmooth-silver

Of the moon on the horizon, or a lone stallion

Finding a new herd and

Feeling alive once more. Her eyes break

Away from his… onetwothreefourfive

Seconds before she realizes its him. Pigeonsjustlikethat,

She thinks as she moves toward him. As he stares at her dumbfounded. Jesus,

What was she about to do?






But she had known men like him before and

They had never been what

She expected. “I

just want…”

I don’t know what to

Do, she shakes her head, I don’t know

“All I know is

Right now is the only thing we have for sure. How

Do we proceed?” He stares at her a minute more. “Do

You know how long I’ve waited for you?

How long I’ve waited for you to look at me like

You never wanted to lose me again? Gazing at me with your

Gorgeous blueeyed

Soul.” It was true, he was now a man that had developed from a boy.

He had grown, he was mature. “I’ll be your Mister”

He grins and thinks, ’til death.

Rescue Me


Warning: laced with mild spoilers

Medium: Film, TV

Genre: Drama, Comedy

My personal favorite characters were Sean Garrity, Lieutenant Kenneth Shea, Chief Reilly and Tommy Gavin. Personally my least favorite character was Sheila Keefe, but she provided the show with extra humor, drama, and was helpful (albeit annoying) in a few situations.

I remember seeing previews of Rescue Me every time a new episode would air on TV and it would always leave me curious and wanting more. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to watch this show. When I finally fed myself to the flame, so to speak, I was not disappointed.

Rescue Me is a television show that aired in 2004 on FX. It takes place in fast-paced New York City and focuses on the life and trials of Tommy Gavin and his family. Tommy is a firefighter for the FDNY during the after shock of 9/11 where he lost his cousin and fellow firefighter, Jimmy Keefe along with 343 fellow men. Tommy is haunted by ghosts, or his own guilty conscience, from those that he was unable to save throughout his time as a fireman and he finds solace and safety in several elicit acitivities and mediums including the comfort of Jimmy Keefe’s widow, Sheila.

The premise of the show was to give the reader a glimpse into the life of a firefighter and everything they must do on and off the job and to show how different people deal with loss in general. The show was expertly written with each episode having both serious and funny moments; most hilarity was instigated by Garrity, Shea, or Silletti. I loved every episode and the suspenseful moments of the men fighting fires, getting stuck in burning buildings and ultimately saving lives truly kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the series.

In the end, a good firefighter died, but I was not disappointed or surprised because the show foreshadowed the demise of this specific character. The very last episode was reminiscent of the very first episode and pulled together the ending of the show very nicely by keeping the overall theme from the very beginning all the way through to the very end. Overall, Rescue Me was one of the greatest shows that I’ve seen yet. I personally give it a 10/10.


Let’s leave the laughs to lesser days
Where we will weep in different ways
Over the times that we thought were worth toasting
And better yet, brought to the brink of boasting
Oh, when we were young and we were sane

We were young and we were sane
But now I’m a soul that needs rescuing
Haunted by ghosts that I can see
Why can’t you see that I need peace?
Search for me, rescue me
I’m a soul that needs rescuing

Mostly my mind makes no mistake
But sometimes breathes and takes a break
To follow my friends who had fallen fast
And plastered their purpose in my past
Now I see spirits and sacrificed souls
Gallivanting ghosts and gobbling ghouls.
They’re only in my mind, you see,
But what would you do if you were me?

We were young and we were sane
But now I’m a soul that needs rescuing
Haunted by ghosts that I can see
Why can’t you see that I need peace?
Search for me, rescue me
I’m a soul that needs rescuing