“Charmed” is a story about three sisters that find out they are witches, but that’s just the very tip of the iceberg. The Halliwell family has been known in the magical world for quite some time because there is a legend that three sisters will be born in the family and they will become the Charmed ones, the ultimate power to protect the fate of innocents.

The overall theme of the show is the balance between good and evil. The show is all about fighting demons, but my personal favorites were the episodes that included other magical/fantasy elements. The Charmed ones take their turns changing into various mystical beings such as a wood nymph, a vampire, ghosts, a harpy, and a fury (just to name a few) and they also encounter such creatures as leprechauns, fairies, mermaids, and even the Lady of the Lake that defends the notorious Excalibur.

Prue: Prue is the oldest sister and one of the original Charmed ones. She has the power to move things with her mind and uses it to get her out of sticky situations. A powerful moment for Prue was when she defeated her greatest fear of drowning to rid her and her sisters of the demon Barbas- a demon that used the greatest fears of his victims against them in order to kill them or manipulate them for their powers. I liked the fact that she was passionate about photography and found her calling before her unfortunate demise (it’s better that you know that it happens, because she’s a difficult character to get over). Personally my favorite episode with Prue was when Prue and Phoebe used fairy dust so they could regain their innocence and see the trolls that captured the fairy princess. It was a softer side of Prue that the audience wasn’t used to seeing and it was rather refreshing.

Piper:ย Piper is the rock of the family, she is the glue that holds it all together. She has always been a strong character in her own way, but really steps up her game when she deals with the loss of Prue. Piper has the power to freeze time, but the way her power works is that she slows down the molecules so much, that it freezes them. When Piper’s power grows, she has the ability to also blow things up because she causes the molecules to move much faster. I love the romantic side of Piper with Leo, and was rooting for him the entire time.

Phoebe:ย Phoebe was the most immature of the family, at least until Paige came along, but she grew a lot through love. She used her feelings to connect with the readers of a newspaper and was a very successful advice columnist. Phoebe has the power to see the future, but along the way she also becomes an empath (sense other people’s feelings). She becomes a little bit baby crazy toward the end of the show, but a lot of the times, Phoebe dealt with the funnier moments that the show had to offer. She was always the quirky one (especially with her style choices) and often caused a lot of trouble before she fully grasped the potential of magic. I absolutely loved Phoebe and Cole together. Cole was a very powerful demon named Balthazar (yes, two names, it can get a little confusing!) and it was very heartbreaking when Phoebe had to say goodbye to her love. She didn’t fully recover for a long time, but I’m glad the show had a happy ending for her and tied up all the loose ends that revolved around Phoebe.

Paige: Paige was an orphan. She didn’t know she had sisters, and she certainly didn’t know that she was a witch. You get used to having Prue around, so Paige can be a little bit difficult to adjust to, but she’s worth keeping with the show in the long run. Paige was half white-lighter and half witch which was an interesting addition to the show. She was able to move things with her mind by saying it out loud (I really wished this part would have grown a lot more!) and she was able to orb like Leo because her father was a white lighter. I really enjoyed the fact that Paige ran magic school for a while because it was a parallel to her helping future white lighters. She was half and half, so it made sense that she helped the younger generations of both. One thing that I wish would have happened for her was for her to fall in love with a magical being just like Piper and Phoebe, but I did like Henry’s character and the fact that he was a parole officer helping to keep troubled individuals off the streets.

Overall, Charmed had a lot of different things going for it with a vast variety of possibilities. It was a very enjoyable show for me to watch and I found myself watching it on a pretty regular basis. One thing that I enjoyed was the titles of the episodes. Most, if not all of them, were a play on words with other famous TV shows or movies and mixing it with magical themes/characters. Some notable examples are “Scry Hard” and “Kill Billie: Volume I”. I was scared about the two part series finale, but it ended in a way that tied up a lot of the loose ends and still had a happy ending. This was a show that I had been wanting to watch since I was a young girl, and I’m very glad I finally decided to watch it. If you like shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Grimm, or even Once Upon A Time, this may be a show that you will enjoy. I’ll give this one an 8/10 ๐Ÿ˜‰


NaPoWriMo day 7

Never Charmed

The triquetra is a symbol of unity, of sisters.

The Charmed ones are sisters with an undeniable bond.

Piper, Phoebe and Paige fight demons.

But what would have happened if they didn’t exist?

13 thoughts on “Charmed

  1. I watched this when it first came on. I liked the Prue episodes a bit more but still watched a few seasons with Paige. I guess I got out of the habit of watching the last season or two. I missed the finale and haven’t gotten around to watching it yet on DVD. Thanks for the review – I may have to check it out again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I thought it was pretty good. They add a new character for the 8th season (Kaley Cuoco), but it has a happy ending and ties up all the loose ends. And it doesn’t have too many last minute twists, which I really think throws off shows sometimes.

  2. The Life Of Jenni says:

    I loved Charmed. I started watching it when it first came out, but I never finished the series. Life got in the way. I did see a few shows here and there but never managed to pick it up again. I am a HUGE fan of Buffy, Once Upon a Time and Grimm so Iโ€™m surprised with myself that I didnโ€™t follow through with this one. But I recently notice it on Netflix! I plan on starting the series from the beginning again, and Iโ€™m very excited to re-live the life of the sisters.

    • Oh, I have shows where I’ve done that too. Definitely understandable ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once Upon A Time is one that I have to get into, but I like watching shows that are already over so I don’t have to wait for all of the cliffhangers. I just can’t take the anticipation! I fell in love with Grimm the first time I saw it, and Buffy is always a classic ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • The Life Of Jenni says:

        Yes the cliffhangers are the worst. That is one pro of waiting for series to finish before watching them.

    • I enjoyed the finale. It was a happy ending and I feel like it tied up all the loose ends (don’t wanna give anything away)! I hope you like it too!

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