Recipe for Disaster

One mistake that could have been prevented

But not easily fixed.

Stir until the bumps begin to smooth out.

Add a dash or glimmer of hope to taste;

Enough that it can still be crushed

But not enough to overpower.

Let sit until it ferments

And spreads

Sinking into the crevices in your brain

Leaving you with nothing

But an aftertaste

Of what could have been.


19 thoughts on “Recipe for Disaster

  1. So happy to meet a fellow logophile! Looks like we enjoy some of the same books on Goodreads too (lets be friends!) Enjoyed sipping on this. Hope to see more of you. Come back and see me again and stop to say hi, won’t you?

  2. Hi Tamara,

    I really get a kick out of how you display your unique and vibrant style. A certain “grace” unfolds while reading your works. Inserting those “surprise” type endings; is a “hallmark” practice of solid brilliance. Good stuff… period.


    Stephen Monday (Webwriter777)

  3. You really do show that you can write about a lot of things. I like when I can read and say to myself- I’ve done that! Well Done!

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