4 thoughts on “Cupid

  1. hi there : ) I saw that you “liked” one of my posts and decided to follow you and now have gotten a chance to look through your blog. To refresh you, I made a post last week about creativity and its various forms. I’m more a visual arts person when it comes to me expressing my own creativity. However like I mentioned on my blog, I always love exploring and learning about other ways others express theirs. Reading written work such as poetry is one of them. And just like your other followers I really enjoy reading your poetry. I feel like in your poetry you convey a truthful message or point in your own, unique way and I really like that. I also like that you write about different sorts of subject matters…self-discovery, growing up, romantic/love, self-growth, etc. Can’t wait to see what poems and work you’ll be posting next! : )

    • Thank you for your beautiful compliment! Yes, I remember liking your work, you run a very nice blog and I’m following you as well 🙂 Thanks for doing the same for me! 🙂

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